Profi-chisel set HSS, 6 pcs.

Product code: BE10-7000

137.28 Incl. VAT : 170.23 

Cutting width
Special bowl gouge 11 mm
Special bowl gouge 13 mm
Spindle gouges  

24 mm

Round nose scraper 20 mm
Oval skew chisel 24 mm
Parting tool


Special bowl gouge:

  • Ideal for crossbar turning. Strong and fast chip removal due to the special form of the tool.


Spindle gouges:

  • For boring of all cambered forms which are not possible with a chisel.


Round nose end scraper:

  • Optimal for fine finishing of crossbar works (bowls, boxes, etc). The preparatory work takes places using spindle gouges or special bowl gouges.


Oval skew chisel:

  • Following advantages compared to the standard skew chisel:
  • Optimal additional tool to the standard skew chisel
  • No damage of the tool rest
  • Optimal adjustment to the mould of the workpiece
  • Easy machining of round forms


Parting tool:

  • This tool heard to the standard equipment of each wood turner. It is the ideal instrument for parting of side grain or for cutting of small plates.

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