Woodturning Gauge straight with carbide insert

Product code: ZI-4130

80.00 Incl. VAT : 99.20 

Made in Italy


Made of anti-usury HM metal and suitable for any type of wood, in particular for hard and abrasive woods.

It can be used to improve the finishing both in long grain and cross vein wood, both inside and outside.

Keep the handle higher than the centre of the workpiece. If used for the bottom of the bowl cross vein keeps the cutting edge slightly inclined and rotated about 30 ° to encourage the cutting of the wood, obtaining so a chip.

Moreover, it is possible to exploit the same shaft for all the finishing scrapers listed among the spare parts. The 16mm ones both for the inside and the outside, while those with measures 23mm only for external.

Can fit all spare blanket.
Included in the pack: • Ø 16 mm HW round scraper.

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