Bowl and Spindle Gouge 13mm x 595mm

Product code: ZI-4114-5-1-1

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Made in Italy

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Fingernail Profile Bowl & Spindle Gouge.
It offers a great control over all the phases of work across the grains of wood, both for roughcutting and for the finishing operations. In particular, it helps with the creation of vases and bowls. Its dimensions allow a good manageability and are suitable for very precise executions. These tools are directly created from a steel bar, on the contrary of other gauges that are forged. For this reason, they guarantee reliability and no vibrations.
They are also characterized by a prolonged reference leveling that allows them to be sharpened longer than the other gouges on the market, even up to the last useful centimeter (through the use of special devices such as the JIG sharpening).

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