Braze Welded

Set cutters for panel / floors

Product code: 102-1-1002

180.00 Incl. VAT : 223.20 

Diameter of hole (d) = 50mm

Carbide thickness TC = 3mm








Woodworking tools, if used improperly, can constitute a danger and risks to the operator, even more so because of the high number of revolutions and given the presence of many sharp parts.

Unicut is very aware of such problems and for this reason puts its high technology to the service of safety, using suitable materials and constantly striving for the best, always designing its tools to conform to European safety norms.

Safety standards set down certain specifications governing the manufacture of tools for manual feeds.

  • The cutter must have a close geometrical shape
  • The presence of a shaving limiter
  • Limited discharge compartment
  • Tagging

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