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Professional Spray Guns Gav Z1000

Product code: S3P30123000


Suitable for smal/medium surfaces and especially suitable for bodywork touch-ups

63.00 Incl. VAT : 78.12 
63.00 Incl. VAT : 78.12 
63.00 Incl. VAT : 78.12 
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Professional mini—airbrush with gravity feed.Ecological with HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) system, guaranteeing highly efficient paint transfer (65% on the piece) at low pressures, cutting down on pulverization into atmosphere. Light, ergonomic and balanced for improved operator’s performance. Resistant to all types of paints and solvents since it is made with the best materials and technologies. Guaranteed performance over time

Additional information

Operating Pressure [bar]


Nozzle [mm]

0,5, 0,8, 1,0

Cup Capacity [cc]


Air Consumption [lit/min]

150NL/min (2bar)

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S3P30122000Professional Spray Gun Gav Rz101063.00 Incl. VAT : 78.12 
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S3P30121000Professional Spray Gun Gav Rz100863.00 Incl. VAT : 78.12 
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S3P30120000Professional Spray Gun Gav Rz100563.00 Incl. VAT : 78.12 
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