Ceramic paper sheets 115mm x 280mm

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The 740 Ceramic Line offers fast cutting products with improved performance that last significantly longer than the conventional abrasives, since a water-based stearate coating provides maximum load resistance, thus extending the life of the product. The Ceramic grains of this line provide long-lasting sharp edges, offering better finishing results on the treated surfaces. The 740 Ceramic products are perfect for sanding any type of material, such as scratch resistant varnishes and e-coats, primers and composites, eliminating the need for specialty products. Applying increased working pressure becomes easier for the user, when sanding with 740 series, thus providing high removal rates. Moreover, the hole pattern contibutes to a dust-free environment, protecting the worker from the dangerous sanding dust particles.

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D-wt, C-wt semi latex paper

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Automotive, Composites, Marine

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