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Hand sanding block

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A hand sanding tool, with an exceptionally ergonomic, comfortable grip, designed to accommodate 210x105mm velour abrasive sheets. With a unique sheet locking system, it prevents the “wavy” effect of the plain sandpaper, achieving the perfect sanding result.

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Additional information

Length_Mm [mm]

210X105, 70X125

Diameter_Mm [mm]

125, 150

Product options

S1P12263000Hand sanding block for sheets (ergonomic) 210x105mm7.49 Incl. VAT : 9.29 
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S1P12262000Rubber hand sanding block for sheets 70x125mm4.68 Incl. VAT : 5.80 
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S1P12261000Hand sanding block for velour sheets (ergonomic) 70x125mm7.26 Incl. VAT : 9.00 
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S1P12260000Hand sanding block for velour sheets 70x125mm6.79 Incl. VAT : 8.42 
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S1P12259000Hand sanding block 150mm for velour discs11.24 Incl. VAT : 13.94 
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S1P12258000Hand sanding block 125mm for velour discs9.84 Incl. VAT : 12.20 
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