ATLAS Universal Turbo Diamond Discs

Product code: S1P12082000

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Designed to cut clean and fast any type and kind of building materials with its corrugated rim sintered blade, the 916 ATLAS Universal Turbo Diamond Disc can speed up to 80m/s (at 230mm) and up to 100m/s (at 350mm).

26.46 Incl. VAT : 32.81 
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Additional information

Application [material]

Building materials

Diameter_Mm [mm]

115, 125, 230

Thickness [mm]

2,2, 2,6

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S1P12081000ATLAS Universal Turbo Diamond Discs D230x2,6x22,23mm26.46 Incl. VAT : 32.81 
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S1P12080000ATLAS Universal Turbo Diamond Discs D125x2,2x22,23mm11.19 Incl. VAT : 13.88 
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S1P12079000ATLAS Universal Turbo Diamond Discs D115x2,2x22,23mm9.84 Incl. VAT : 12.20 
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