Masking Tape Universal 60°C

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With an easy-to-tear and easy-to-peal paper, the Masking Tapes are a useful tool for easy and clean painting. Smirdex offers two version of Masking Tapes, the universal and the automotive specialised, in several dimensions. The tape goes on easy, sticks fast, adheres perfectly to curved and irregular surfaces, holds tight and leaves no residue upon removal.

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18, 24, 30, 36, 48

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S1P12274000Masking Tape Universal 60°C 48mm x 50yds 36pcs94.42 Incl. VAT : 117.08 
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S1P12273000Masking Tape Universal 60°C 36mm x 50yds 48pcs98.91 Incl. VAT : 122.65 
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S1P12272000Masking Tape Universal 60°C 30mm x 50yds 60pcs96.98 Incl. VAT : 120.26 
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S1P12271000Masking Tape Universal 60°C 24mm x 50yds 72pcs97.85 Incl. VAT : 121.33 
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S1P12270000Masking Tape Universal 60°C 18mm x 50yds 96pcs98.99 Incl. VAT : 122.75 
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