Abrasives - Finishing

ATLAS Universal Diamond Discs

8.38 23.89 

The classic choice for cutting building materials. The 917 ATLAS Universal Diamond Disc is armed with a sintered segmented blade, capable of making precision cuts, thanks to its long-lasting, specially designed structure.

ATLAS Universal Turbo Diamond Discs

9.84 26.46 

Designed to cut clean and fast any type and kind of building materials with its corrugated rim sintered blade, the 916 ATLAS Universal Turbo Diamond Disc can speed up to 80m/s (at 230mm) and up to 100m/s (at 350mm).

Ceramic net velour discs (construction) D406

128.81 163.93 

The 750 Ceramic Net is ideal for drywall and plasterboard applications and, along with the 948 pad saver, is the best choice for sanding with Giraffe machines on these surfaces. The net mesh maximises dust extraction, making the work environment dust free, while the ceramic grains enhance the performance and provide fast stock removal.

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