30 years of experience in industrial cutting tools and industrial solutions!

The company 3-tes is the result of many years of effort to offer innovative services and products to thousands of industries and laboratories. The main object is to equip the production units with industrial consumables and find innovative solutions for their smooth operation.

For many years, at a national level, our company has operated under the name “Unicut”. Our successful course, the experience we gained and the collaborations with leading manufacturers such as Jettools, Record Power, Smirdex, etc., made us think globally and create the 3-tes company. Unicut will continue to sell its products nationally and 3-tes as another part of our group of companies will sell globally.

The main reason we chose to create a completely new platform and company, is our need to design something from scratch in order to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. A new company, mainly with an online presence, which will be the No. 1 supplier of the future industry.

At the same time, the platform enables small resale stores of industrial tools and equipment to take advantage of our experience and our unbeatable prices, and through the B2B store buy at even lower prices.

Welcome to the world of 3-tes! Welcome to tomorrow’s industry!

Thank you for being a part of our dream!